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January, 2024

Buyer's Briefs

Introducing our cutting-edge AI-powered due diligence tool: simply input a company's name and website link, and instantly receive a comprehensive one-page report filled with essential information for vendor research and negotiation.

This automated report includes key supplier information such as supplier descriptions, key financials, ESG scores, key business drivers, and strategic negotiation tips among others. It's your all-in-one solution for thorough vendor analysis at your fingertips.

December, 2023

Negotiation Simulation

Discover our innovative contract analysis feature, designed to effortlessly identify key savings opportunities. By analyzing contract metadata, our system automatically flags potential savings areas. 

Enhance your negotiation strategy with our simulation tool, which allows you to select procurement and legal terms, automatically getting assigned grades based on the values you select and computes an overall score for each negotiated contract. This comprehensive approach provides valuable insights for internal teams to optimize deal templates, assess vendor risks, and drive cost savings, all dynamically adjusted to reflect current macroeconomic conditions.