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Negotiation Simulation

Streamlined contract savings discovery

Effortlessly identify cost reduction opportunities in contracts with our system's automated analysis of contract metadata.

Automated savings flagging

Our platform intuitively highlights potential savings in your contracts, ensuring comprehensive cost management.

Enhanced negotiation with simulation tool

Leverage automatic grading of procurement and legal choices to strengthen contract negotiations and achieve optimal terms.

Dynamic contract management and risk analysis

Continuously adapt to economic changes with our tool that guides in refining deals, assessing risks, and driving consistent cost savings.

Buyer's Briefs

AI-driven due diligence

Input a company's name and website to receive an instant, comprehensive one-page report for in-depth vendor analysis.

Comprehensive vendor insights

Our report includes crucial supplier details, from descriptions and key financials to ESG scores and business drivers, streamlining your research process.

Strategic negotiation assistance

Equip yourself with tailored negotiation tips and strategies, all derived from our AI-powered analysis.

All-encompassing vendor research

Our tool simplifies vendor due diligence, offering a one-stop solution for all your vendor research and negotiation needs.

Streamlined contract management

Advanced OCR upload

Upload PDF contracts to our portal and let our OCR technology extract essential details.

Interactive spend dashboards

Transform contract data into intuitive dashboards and individual contract pages.

Automated renewal notifications

Stay ahead with automated text and email notifications for contract renewals.

Enhanced contract collaboration

Add comments, logs, and tags for increased visibility and collaborative management of contracts.

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