Our story

Meet Infinity Loop

We're former consultants, negotiating contracts for multi-billion dollar companies and realized how broken and painful it is to get a good deal. Now, we have built the features we wish we had to get the best outcome.

How it started

The birth of Infinity Loop

Our journey began as consultants handling third-party contracts worth billions in various industries. We consistently faced the challenge of not having efficient tools to automate and maximize cost savings. This frustration sparked a realization: companies could save millions in consulting fees if they had the right tools in-house.

Revolutionizing contract negotiation

From this realization, Infinity Loop was born. Our vision was to empower companies to manage their contract negotiations and cost savings internally, using a tool designed to revolutionize the process. Infinity Loop is not just a solution to a common problem; it's a game-changer in the world of contract negotiation and cost efficiency.

The problem

Lack of efficient automation tools
High consulting costs
Knowledge retention issue
A young woman working on a laptop
Two young women working on a shared laptop

Why are we doing this

Empowering self-sufficiency

Infinity Loop is driven by a vision to empower companies with the ability to manage their own contract negotiations effectively. We aim to eliminate reliance on expensive external consultants, fostering a culture of strategic cost management and expertise retention within organizations.

Redefining contract negotiation

Our mission is centered on revolutionizing the approach to contract negotiation. By offering a tool that streamlines and automates the negotiation process, Infinity Loop seeks to redefine how businesses engage in contract discussions, ensuring efficiency, precision, and optimal outcomes.

The solution

Streamlined automation
In-House empowerment
Competitive negotiation tools

Ready to Save 10-25% of your spend?

$100+ Million Saved
A testament to our impactful cost-saving strategies.
6+ Industries Negotiated
Demonstrating versatile and broad expertise.
70+ Years of Experience
A rich collective background in contract negotiations.

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